Amblegreen’s History

The Past, The Present and the Future. Looking back to where we came from…

Amblegreen began many year’s ago (1973) with the arrival of a Jack Russell cross. Tasha, or Fang as she was later called, brought a love and appreciation for this wonderful terrier. As a young person with a love for animals it was always my dream to one day be able to show and possibly breed dogs.

There were a number of Jack Russells that were part of our family at the time including my parent’s “Rambo “and my sister’s beloved “Fritz”. Geoff and I were not married long when a puddin Russell “Webster” became part of the family. Webster lived to old age and by then our first ‘correct’ Russell “Raglan” had arrived. We have a true appreciation for the versatility and tenacity of this little terrier, and are always amused by their many antics. We have shared our lives with some wonderful terriers over the years…some of whom are still with us and some who have gone on to live with other families. Through these little ‘dogs’ we have also been lucky to meet many wonderful people from all over the world, and have many great friends because of them.

Webster, Raglan and Kira the Old English Sheepdog – 1994

Norwich Terriers

Our newest terriers, the Norwich, have been a wonderful addition to our family. We were lucky to meet a special little Norwich terrier called “Bitty Miss” over 35 years ago. She was my sister’s companion and best friend to the Jack Russell she owned at the time. Bitty certainly left an impression with us, and when we decided it might be time to add another breed it wasn’t hard to decide which terrier we wanted.

The Norwich is different then the Jack Russell with a more laid back attitude, but they are still the terrier personality we love. Since the Fall of 2003 we have welcomed a number of Norwich litters and look forward to the future with this wonderful breed.

Matt and Bitty Miss (summer of 1993)
In 2005 we have made the difficult decision to focus our time and energy only on our Norwich Terriers. Although we will continue to stay available to all the wonderful JRT folks who are ‘related’ in some way.

In February of 2008 we lost our last Jack Russell and decided it was an end of era for us… We will continue to strive towards producing the terriers we have been so proud of over the years. And our goal of producing the ultimate terrier – that ‘works’, shows and sleeps in our bed will remain. The future is filled with many exciting possibilities …..

Pictured Below: Jack Russell and Norwich Pups enjoying each other.