West Highland White Terriers

Originating in Scotland from breeders who preferred white dogs due to visibility when hunting. The Westie is a happy devoted companion who loves to romp and enjoys a good daily walk at a minimum. To keep them looking their best they require hand stripping along with regular brushing. They are between 10 to 11 inches as adults and 15 to 20 pounds in weight give or take… They generally get along well with other dogs and children making them an ideal family companion.

We are delighted to introduce our first Westie…

Can Champion Ladyleigh Such A Carry on Amblegreen – RETIRED 
(Can Ch Llovall Ain’t A Bet Ladyleigh x UKC Ch Ladyleigh’s Saturday Child)
Bred by Catherine Hamilton and co-owned with her…

Fling has been such a great introduction to the breed and the Wonderful World of Westies!  Thank you Catherine for being such a great Mentor and Friend!  We will be working on Fling’s Grand Championship and trying out Sprinter…  

We are excited to announce our first Westie litter born June 22, 2022.  The litter is Sired by Ch Skyfall Devil in Disguise … and we have chosen Fizz below…   Fling had her second litter in 2023 and is retired now…


 Can Ch  Amblegreen A Bit of Bubbly with Ladyleigh (aka Fizz!)
Ch Skyfall Devil in Disguise x Ch Ladyleigh Such A Carry On Amblegreen )

   Co owned and Cobred with Catherine… Thank you for the generosity of your bloodlines and mentoring as I make my way in the Wonderful World of Westies!

We are delighted with our First Home grown Girl!  She has loved her winter down South and has learned so many things!  She also is enjoying the show ring and I look forward to getting her out back in Canada!  She earned her Canadian Championship as a puppy last year…   Fizz is due to have her first litter Spring 2024. 

BPIS MPIG Can GRChB Ladyleigh She’s Cooking Now S (aka Fanny)
(Ch Skyfall Devil in Disguise x Ch Deldawn Ladyleigh Mercedes)

Bred by Catherine Hamilton and Coowned with me!!!  How Lucky Am I!! 

I can’t express how excited and grateful I am that Catherine is sharing her Special Girl Fanny with me!!  Thank you so much and I will do my best to show her off !  Watch for Fanny down South later this year…  She is beautiful and Funny!  We got to show her as a baby puppy and more recently at the Mount Cheam Dog Show.  Fanny and I picked up a Group 2, 3 and 4 … way to go Fanny!  We were excited to attend a recent Sprinter event hosted by the Vancouver Island Lure Coursing Club …  Fanny earned all 3 runs she needed for her Novice Sprinter title!  Way to go Fanny!!  She also went on to finish her Sprinter title and her Grand Champion Bronze title!  

We are so Proud with how Fanny did down on her trip to the US and winter in the Desert…  At the Palm Springs Shows in January she earned two 3 point Majors!  and went Reserve the other 2 days.   Our next shows were in March in Phoenix… at the Superstition shows she went Winners for a couple more points.  We were able to attend only the Sun Country Terrier shows due to me needing a surgery but she went Best of Winners at both the Specialties!  And once again picked up a few points… 

Now in 2024 we are focusing on her first litter and I’ll share photos once they arrive!